Actress Kirsten Siggaard playing Edith Piaf in Land theater setup , and it has changed her portraying the French songbird .

There is a long way from life in the nice house outside Roskilde with lovely garden and views to the fields, to the hard life of a morphine hell rehabilitation centers and on the boards of Paris, Edith Piaf lived . 59 -year-old Kirsten Siggaard live them both. Right now she's the third time the current of the French sparrow Edith Piaf in the Land of the theater setup. A role that has crept completely under the skin of Kirsten Siggaard and changed her forever.

- This is the third time I played Edith Piaf, but every time there is a new director, there will also be a new angle on it. This time it's Pia Rosenbaum , who directs the play, which focuses on the last five years of Edith Piaf 's life. Plus I was 12 years older than she was even . It started the way back when she sings on the street and being " baptized " sparrow when I played her the first time. This time it starts at the big car accident in which everything in her almost being smashed , says Kirsten Siggaard .

- The words were difficult for me. Language . Things like shouting : " You keep your mouth shut , your shit pussy " and " Your old whore ." It was unfamiliar to me , because it's not my language. Edith had a street language . It is almost tempted to say that I apologize to my teammates when I yelled it to them , revealing Kirsten Siggaard , despite the obvious differences between her and the French singing star , still use Edith Piaf to something in his own career.

- She was born on the street , but even though she came to earn money so she forgot not know where she came from. She was never a lady. That I never will . Well, I like to look good for concerts , but I 'll never be a lady , says Kirsten Siggard . But she takes something that I can learn from. When I have sung a song , I will not be on display on the stage.

I'm the one that goes around among my audience to concerts and take them in hand, sitting around a little distant . It is to stand and be hailed , it will never be me . I'm too modest . But Edith Piaf was on display on the stage and received the audience's ovation when they applauded for 20 minutes. And she was standing . I'll learn, I have not in me . I feel well that if people keep clapping , and I will break off. It has Edith Piaf led me to think about, says Kirsten Siggaard.