Harvestfestivalsinger: Richard Ragnvald

There were 7 different cakes for the coffee, and then it is OK to call it "Sønderjysk coffee, says Pia Christensen, who worked at the nursing home.

And a small glass of port, it was also before the bell 15 was ready to take on today's musical entertainer, Richard Ragnvald.

Present were the residents, users of the day center, volunteers from the Baltic farm friends and staff, and they took each other's arms and sang along to all the familiar songs.

Richard Ragnvald has been The farm once before, so it was a happy reunion for many.

The Care Center received some years ago a legacy, and it is managed by a small committee annually prioritizes harvest festival with entertainment high.

There was then no doubt that it was a very successful afternoon with Richard Ragnvald for approx. 90 harvest festival participants.